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Our mission is to supply insurance companies, government agencies, case managers, and legal professionals with a quality Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) that is objective and reliable, based on medical evidence, and which provides unbiased findings of a claimant’s injuries. We ensure that all of our Providers are highly qualified physicians that are board certified, have an active practice and possess a sound industry reputation. Our commitment to quality service is demonstrated through our stringent selection process, in which we personally recruit and credential physicians to better ensure quality control of reports and scheduling times.

At Evaluations Plus, Inc., we work with our Clients throughout the entire IME process.  The purpose of an IME is to clarify a medical diagnosis or status and can help determine the course of treatment, the Claimant’s ability to return to work or identify if there is a permanent disability.  Claimants will be scheduled for an evaluation with an independent physician that is not involved in their treatment. 

IMEs can provide objective, useful information in determining:

  • Diagnosis
  • Causation
  • Work-relatedness of injury
  • Medical treatment recommendation
  • Diagnose efforts-appropriate work and general activity level
  • Ability to return to work and reasonable accommodation
  • Impairment rating
  • Medical condition stability
  • Maximal medical improvement status
  • Identification of nonmedical factors that can impact the outcome of the medical treatment or condition

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